Fan culture suffers from the ambivalence of cowards


Reading through Noah Davis’s piece on the American Outlaws was as disheartening as it was enlightening. The group exhibits the same behavior as most others of its kind, coupling it with the same dismissals of its worst elements.

Take for instance the response by President Korey Donahoo about combatting racism. He points to the AO’s code of conduct which reads:

“Racism, discrimination, sexism, and disrespect towards fellow fans or fans of other teams have no place in AO. How you conduct yourself in and outside the stadium, at your chapter bars, and online, in your words and actions reflect on all of us.”

Note that last clause states that the actions and words of the members reflect on the entirety of the group. This is important, because the code goes on to spew this contradictory bile: “the actions of a select few (even as they do not represent the entire…

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