Manslaughter sentence lands player 8-15 years after referee’s death


Above is the audio of a 911 call — obtained by the Detroit Free Press — from a woman who attended a recreational soccer match at Mies Park in Livonia, Michigan. On June 29 2014, two Michigan natives, John Bieniewicz and Bassel Saad, set out to play their usual roles in a Detroit-area recreational soccer match. Bienuewizcz was the match referee, and Saad a defender for one of the over-30 league participating teams. It would be the last time both of these men played their respective roles on the soccer field. Bieniewicz is dead, and the amateur defender will spend a minimum of eight years in prison, all because of a physical confrontation that occurred after Bieniewicz issued Saad a second yellow card.

According to testimony from other players, Bieniewicz issued Saad an initial warning during the first half of the game. As Bieniewicz was preparing to issue Saad a second yellow for being verbally…

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