You can now watch Tommy Wiseau’s sitcom followup to ‘The Room’ on Hulu Plus


This is not a drill. We repeat: THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Tortured genius slash possible vampire Tommy Wiseau is back, and better (worse?) than ever: his long-awaited followup to The Room, a sitcom called The Neighbors, has surfaced on Hulu Plus.

In case you’ve managed to live this much of your life without ever having seen The Room, the baffling cult masterpiece is much, much funnier than any movie that intends to be funny could ever be. The film’s non-stop non sequiturs have made it a favorite of midnight screenings, and it even inspired a memoir by costar Greg Sestero, which James Franco and Seth Rogen plan to adapt into a movie.

The notoriously cranky auteur screened the The Neighbors pilot, shot in 2004, at Manhattan’s Landmark Sunshine Cinema last September. It received exactly the reception you’d expect. Wiseau stars (of course he stars, of course he does) as the spiky-haired manager of an apartment…

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Manslaughter sentence lands player 8-15 years after referee’s death


Above is the audio of a 911 call — obtained by the Detroit Free Press — from a woman who attended a recreational soccer match at Mies Park in Livonia, Michigan. On June 29 2014, two Michigan natives, John Bieniewicz and Bassel Saad, set out to play their usual roles in a Detroit-area recreational soccer match. Bienuewizcz was the match referee, and Saad a defender for one of the over-30 league participating teams. It would be the last time both of these men played their respective roles on the soccer field. Bieniewicz is dead, and the amateur defender will spend a minimum of eight years in prison, all because of a physical confrontation that occurred after Bieniewicz issued Saad a second yellow card.

According to testimony from other players, Bieniewicz issued Saad an initial warning during the first half of the game. As Bieniewicz was preparing to issue Saad a second yellow for being verbally…

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Chelsea took its passive aggression to Instagram in response to Carragher and Souness


Who’s responsible for this Instagram post, a title-contending Premier League club, or a passive aggressive teen who’s been listening to too much of the 6 God? If there’s some intern in the Chelsea media department getting all in their Canadian rap feelings and posting things like this on social media, it’s time to change a few passwords. It might be better to John Terry’s kids handle the accounts. No way would they go public with something this soft.

For those with short memories…

A post shared by Chelsea FC (@chelseafc) on

For context — not that it makes this cornballery any better — the Instagram photos were Chelsea’s response to Jamie Carragher and Graeme Souness, former players turned professional sound makers for Sky Sports. After the Londoners were kicked square in the ass and sent out of the Champions League by Paris Saint-Germain, Carragher and Souness shared their criticism of Chelsea players…

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Sunderland fans have had enough of Gus Poyet


Sunderland fans are furious.

A generally terrible Aston Villa spanked an even worse Sunderland 4-0 today at the inappropriately named — especially today — Stadium of Light. But that isn’t really why Sunderland fans are angry. They probably aren’t even angry because all of Villa’s goals were scored before halftime.

The anger probably has more to do with Sunderland collecting three points exactly once in its past 12 games. That, apparently, leads people to burn season ticket cards for the Vine.

But a little protest burning on a Vine isn’t the only noteworthy expression of disgust made by Sunderland fans today. Today at the Stadium of Darkness Light, Sunderland fans tried to have a proverbial “go” at Sunderland manager Gus Poyet, during the game.

That was during the game, as Poyet sat on the sideline “managing.”

Fans, en masse, also stood up and walked out before halftime. The planned exodus was a statement, presumably…

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Best Dad Ever


So this happened tonight:

And thus:

Oh, yeah. Best dad ever.

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